The Best Free Apps Part 2 - SEO Keywords

The Best Free Apps Part 2

The Best Free Apps to Help Market Your Blog Part 2

This article is a continuation of The Best Free Apps to Help Market Your Blog Part I, I want on my photo so again we can go ahead and change the font style and then you can change the sizing of it so you really have a lot of options to customize your photo and then from there say that's how I wanted my photo to look I would go ahead and save it and then again I can add it to Instagram Twitter I can mail it to myself Facebook Tumblr I can text it or I could go to any other app that I want to share this photo on now let's say you have your blog post or your video done.

And you want to start sharing it a great app for that is buffer offer is a great app for people that don't have time to create Instagram Facebook Twitter posts very often we have things to do in our day to day life so it's kind of hard to post whenever you want to so buffer allows you to pre post so I have it set up for Twitter Instagram so I have a bunch of different tweets here and I've set the time this tweet is going to be tweeted out at 6:01 this one is going to be tweeted out at 12:20 and this one is going to be tweeted out tomorrow morning at 7:47 a.m. 

So you can really plan out your social media posts ahead of time so you don't have to worry about it every single hour or whatever your schedule it maybe also gives here analytics and it tells you when is the best time to post so this one has seven point eight thousand potential views this one have seven point seven thousand potential views so it recommends one to post and how you should post and how often youshould post so this is a great app for anybody who maybe just doesn't have the time to post whenever they want to I'm actually obsessed with buffer I think it is the greatest app for planning out my tweet and I know that everything is going to be tweeted out and I'm going to have some engagement on my post and I don't have to worry about constantly checking on my phone or being on my phone next step is the app amino amino is a fantastic forum like app that anybody who enjoys reddit might enjoy so with them you know this is my home page you can look up any kind of forum that you're interested in so there's movies and TV art and fashion music video games literally anything you want so you just have to follow the forum's rules and you can post anything that you want and link to your blog.

Some forums don't allow you to link to your own blog you have to blog into the forum but most of them will allow you to put a link to your own blog or your YouTubechannel so this is a great way to get your posts out there to people who have similar interests to you and I actually get a lot of clicks from the amino community so I know that there's a lot of times where we don't really know what we want to blog about or create a video about so that's where Flipboard comes in for me.

Flipboard is an app that allows you to look at popular magazine articles or popular news articles for things that may interest you and it gives you tons of inspiration I follow the fashion board I can flip through all the popular fashion posts and then I also follow the beauty board so I can follow all relevant Beauty posts and this is where I get a lot of my ideas for videos so  I'll see something it'll inspire me and I will maybe create my own twist on that and any article that interests you you could just click on it and it will take you to the webpage where it is posted last but not least is shaper so I can't really open Schaefer because of confidentiality reasons cheaper is like tinder for bloggers youtubers and entrepreneurs 

So you can swipe left and right on whoever you find interesting or just interesting and you can network with those people you can collaborate with them you can get to know about their business you can talk to them about your business so it is a great app for anybody who maybe wants to get their name out there get their blog out there and meet some cool interesting people in their community just it for me.

Today I hope you guys enjoyed this article if you guys know of any other apps that are super useful for blogging and vlogging and any kind of self-promotion let me know in the comments it could be useful for me and everybody else that might be reading them so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this article.

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