The Best Free Apps Part 1 - SEO Keywords

The Best Free Apps Part 1

The Best Free Apps to Help Market Your Blog

Today's article is going to be about the best apps to use for promoting your blog or your blog or your YouTube or whatever.

It may be so if you're a blogger or logger you know that marketing your posts is very important the text that you put in your post the caption the thumbnail everything is super crucial and super important to a successful blog.

post there I have some great apps on my phone that I know about that I think would be really useful for everybody so I'm going to go through all those apps today they're everything from finding inspiration to photo editing to posting.

To just different forms of social media I hope you guys enjoy this video and let's get into it so there are so many different apps that you can use for blogging there is the regular Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat Pinterest,  those are the common ones that most people use and I know I use them when I.

am blogging or trying to promote my blogs now if you have a Facebook fan page having a Pages app is pretty important it helps you see all your comments all your messages and it even shows you your insights so I know that my actions on my page are up my pageviews are down my page legs are up and I've reached 17,000 people on my.

page so I know what I need to work on I need to work on engagements and I need to work on pageviews it just helps you kind of figure out what you're doing right what you're doing wrong and how to fix that moving on from that we are going to go to the Google Drive, app so if you use Google Drive this is very essential to have I upload all of my files on onedrive and then I can access them all from this app so instead of having to you know email all my files to myself I can just share them all on my onedrive and they're all here and I could just access them whenever I want and upload them to
Facebook or Instagram.

Next we're going to go to photo editing apps I really love Snapseed Snapseed has been one of my favorites for quite some time now because you can really edit the photo more than you could any other app in my opinion so say I wanted to edit this photo and I wanted to make my hair look a little darker so I would select this and I can go ahead and darken my hair I can lighten my hair I could do whatever.

I want I kind of want this background a little blurred and I want this font to show up a little more so I'm going to darken this and that's going to help everything stand out a bit better and then from here I can change my white balance make it a little cooler make it a little warmer I can also add any kind of text that I want and I can change the color of it I can change the opacity of it I can change the way I want it displayed so I can have it as a little tag or I can have it as a little geometric shape so now that I have my photo set I can just save it and then I can just go on my Instagram find it in my photos and share it with all my followers sticking to the photo editing apps you could also use photo collage which is compatible with Instagram so you can create fun little collages for your Instagram page you could either choose the classic frames or you can use the stylish frames and you have a ton of different options so let's go with this option and then you click anywhere and you can retrieve any photo that you have on your phone so let's go with this one.

And from there you can change the shape you can change the size you can change the size of the whole photo so it could be compatible with whatever you are uploading your photo on to so this is the Instagram this might be better for Facebook it just depends on what you're looking for you can add any kind of frame that you want and then I can add any text I want again there's all different vibes that you could go for for your blog or your Instagram or whatever it may be I can make it Boulder so we'll make that very bold I can change the color if I want I can add a banner to the background so that it sticks out more so we'll stick to this banner and I'll just put that right down there I can add a sticker if I want to we'll add this cool cat right in the corner and then I can save that photo so the photo is saved and now I can share it on Instagram Facebook Twitter whatsapp messenger or any other photo sharing app that I have on my phone so this makes it really easy to just edit your photos and share them right away another great one is font candy so with font candy.

You can literally just choose any photo that you have so we'll go with the same one you can have an original size Instagram post size Facebook cover size Twitter post iPhone wallpaper with font candy the great thing about it is that you can add any kind of font you want so we'll do another message so I have the font that.

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