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Best Free Online SEO Keyword Generator

Best Free Online SEO Keyword Generator

Are you looking for a free online SEO keyword generator well, in this exposure I will show you the best free online SEO keyword generator. Before we go into this material my name is Lucas and I am an SEO expert what I do is rank the website on the first page of Google to make a living, so if you are interested in learning search engine optimization then make sure to subscribe to this website channel so let's get straight to this material so it's the SEO keyword generator.

I will show you is a tool called keyboard shutter name so go straight to the com keyword and you will be presented with this screen so what you will do want to do is type in the actual keyword here or your topic, let's say the mass winner is my topic so you will have two options here the positive filter and negative filter are positive filters of the words you want to display your keyword generator and negative.

Filters are keywords that you don't want to appear so let's say they are free you don't want free words to appear once we are honest if I leave, let's return them so go ahead and click on keywords so this can take a while so it will show you You have a ton of keywords so you can let this go on however I will click stop to work, so as you can see here there are tons of mass collectors of variations of keywords shake mass masks for optimal nutrition and 5 kg mass mass results get gluten free and the list goes on continues. Apart from that you can see the search volume so you can see this particular keyword search volume of 1,300 per month which is 2,900 per month which is 210 searches per month and to get this the actual keyword volume data that you are going to want to download the keyword plugin called the ubiquitous keyword extension.

Chrome also is a Firefox Extension simply open the chrome store or go to the official page just open keywords anywhere on Goog leand you will find out and you can easily download so pretty much this is how you find these keywords how you generate actual keywords using this tool and it's so easy you will never run out of ideas or topics for the correct content should get a mass of gold Better for bulking so I can know it's the keyword that people type into Google and it's called volume 10 search doesn't seem to be too competitive so you can go ahead and rank for that keyword and go actual traffic to your website.

So it's pretty much for this exposure now if you want more search or optimization tutorials then please subscribe to this website.

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